Download the Software Development Kit (SDK), Model Development Kits (MDKs), and PlaiTM Builder software packages.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

PlaiTM Builder
Model Development Kits (MDKs) *PREMIUM MEMBERS

Software Development Kit
GTI’s Software Development Kit provides a hardware-accelerated, Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) system and supporting software library – implementing state-of-the-art algorithms in fast hardware on the Lightspeeur® 2801 and 2803 processors

PlaiTM Builder
PlaiTM Builder as a PyTorch based “Full-Stack” framework specially designed to quickly build and train neural network models for Lightspeeur® solutions.

Once you download Plai™ Builder and follow the installation instructions described within the User Guide, you can choose between GUI and command line options.

Model Development Kits (MDK) – PREMIUM PAID MEMBERS ONLY
GTI’s Model Development Kits (MDKs) enable customers to build and train neural network models specifically for GTI AI accelerator chips.
Both Caffe and TensorFlow are fully supported frameworks.

These kits are used to port neural networks onto GTI devices with comparable performance to the original floating-point model. Train models from scratch or fine-tune from a pre-trained floating-point model. Working examples of VGG16, ResNet18 and MobileNet v1 are provided.

Additionally, the conversion tool optimizes models for use with GTI’s Lightspeeur® 2801 and 2803 accelerator chips.

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  • Caffe MDK v3.2.7.1
    (2801 Only)
  • TensorFlow v2.1.3.1
    (2801 only)


  • Caffe MDK v3.2.8.3
    (2803 Only)
  • TensorFlow v2.1.3.3
    (2803 only)


  • Caffe MDK v3.2.9.4
    (5801 Only)
  • TensorFlow v2.1.3.4
    (5801 only)