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    I bought a 2803 recently. And I first try on my Windows 7 x64 platform. I’ve managed to run the pre-build execution file to work. But now I have 2 questions:

    1. The classification demo seems slow. The fast image take more than 10ms and slow image take over 70ms to finish. And I saw message like this:
    assuming image size is 224 x 224
    – 6327375 -1056- 2-:GTI SDK built on: Jul 23 2019
    – 6327379 -1056- 1-:Search for native usb library failed.
    – 6327380 -1056- 1-:Load native usb symbol failed at device scan. err=1. Stopped
    – 6327400 -1056- 2-:found device:\\.\F:
    – 6327531 -1056- 2-:Create Chip 2803

    Image inference time = 47ms, FPS = 21.2766

    Is this speed normal? It seems slower than I expect.

    2. I seems can’t build the sample project inside the SDK. There are quite a few linking level errors. Although I try to use a clean visual studio 2015 installation. I notice the building toolset version is v141, the version I use is v140, but it seems should not cause so many linker option errors. Is there any more information you can provide?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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